Our Staff

School Staff
Principal Mrs. Beatrice Royal bea.royal@ourladyfortwayne.org
Dean of Mission and Formation Father Daniel Whelan frdaniel@olghfw.com
School Secretary Mrs. Brandy Teders brandy.teders@ourladyfortwayne.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Kristy Beachy kristy.beachy@ourladyfortwayne.org
First Grade Mrs. Lisa Craw lisa.craw@ourladyfortwayne.org
Second Grade Miss Sarah Lay sarah.lay@ourladyfortwayne.org
Third Grade Mrs. Liz Sorg liz.sorg@ourladyfortwayne.org
Fourth Grade Miss Rosita Becker rosita.becker@ourladyfortwayne.org
Fifth Grade Ms. Sara Becker sara.becker@ourladyfortwayne.org
Sixth Grade Miss Molly Brunner molly.brunner@ourladyfortwayne.org
Seventh Grade Miss Julianne Grignol julianne.grignol@ourladyfortwayne.org
Eighth Grade Mr. Mark Stevens mark.stevens@ourladyfortwayne.org
Special Education – PT Mrs. Mindy Haffner mindy.haffner@ourladyfortwayne.org
Art Mrs. Christine Hudson christine.hudson@ourladyfortwayne.org
P.E. Mrs. Judy Kohrman judy.kohrman@ourladyfortwayne.org
Music @ourladyfortwayne.org
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Mrs. Debbie Hillman debbie.hillman@ourladyfortwayne.org
Athletic Director Mr. Jeremy Reidy athletics@ourladyfortwayne.org
School Board President Mr. Heath Keiffer schoolboard@ourladyfortwayne.org
HASA President Maria Nancarrow hasa@ourladyfortwayne.org
Gala Chair Mrs. Shannon Tippmann gala@ourladyfortwayne.org

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