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School Staff
Principal Miss Samantha Smith principal@ourladyfortwayne.org
Facilitator of Admissions, Development, and Finance Mrs. Natalie Kohrman admissions@ourladyfortwayne.org
Secretary Mrs. Kristina Chambers info@ourladyfortwayne.org
Report and Testing Coordinator Mrs. Carmen Snowball reports@ourladyfortwayne.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Elyssa Walberry kindergarten@ourladyfortwayne.org
First Grade Mrs. Lisa Craw firstgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Second Grade Miss Keely Hatzenbuhler secondgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Third Grade Miss Erica Haimbaugh thirdgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Fourth Grade Miss Rosita Becker fourthgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Fifth Grade Mr. Mark Stevens fifthgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Sixth Grade Mrs. Liz Sorg sixthgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Seventh Grade Miss Julianne Grignol seventhgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Eighth Grade Mrs. Elizabeth Felger eighthgrade@ourladyfortwayne.org
Special Education – FT Ms. Sara Becker specialed@ourladyfortwayne.org
Special Education – PT Mrs. Mindy Haffner specialeducation@ourladyfortwayne.org
Special Education – PT Mrs. Kim Eiden sped@ourladyfortwayne.org
Art Mrs. Christine Hudson art@ourladyfortwayne.org
P.E. Mrs. Judy Kohrman gym@ourladyfortwayne.org
P.E. Mrs. Christy Howe pe@ourladyfortwayne.org
Spanish Mrs. Irene Schipper spanish@ourladyfortwayne.org
Music Mrs. Emily Smith  music2@ourladyfortwayne.org
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Mrs. Debbie Hillmann cgs@ourladyfortwayne.org
Aide Miss Anna DeJong aide5@ourladyfortwayne.org
Aide Mrs. Susan Smith aide3@ourladyfortwayne.org
Aide Mrs. Barbara Reidy aide7@ourladyfortwayne.org
Aide Ms. Emily Thiel aide8@ourladyfortwayne.org 
Athletic Director Mr. Jeremy Reidy athletics@ourladyfortwayne.org
School Board President Mr. Phillip Bundy schoolboard@ourladyfortwayne.org
 HASA President  Mrs. Susie Brinker  hasa@ourladyfortwayne.org

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