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Our Lady School Athletic Program is designed to foster a Christian spirit of sportsmanship, fitness, a healthy self-image, and the ability to work with others as a team. We will accomplish this through the collective effort and shared responsibility by all – parents, students, coaches, school staff and the Our Lady of Good Hope Parish community.

Just as Our Lady School centers its education on Christ, so it is with the OLS Athletic Program. The OLS Athletic Program is part of a faith community that collaborates with parents, students, school staff, the Parish and other interested parties to form an environment that supports a Christian spirit of sportsmanship. Our Lady School encourages both individual and team excellence and presents students of all skill and experience levels with opportunities to develop a Christian spirit of sportsmanship and foster a lifelong interest in fitness and athletics.

While Our Lady School teams strive to be competitive, the ultimate value of Our Lady School athletics is realized only if it fosters the development of the human person – both in spirit and in body – by cultivating Christian character, strengthening personal integrity and responsibility, and promoting the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.

The OLS Athletic Program is an integral component of Our Lady School’s goal of educating the whole child. The desired results of OLS Athletic Program participation include the following:

  • To instill in the student athlete a sense of responsibility by demanding consistently high standards of behavior and making the student athlete aware and respectful of the needs of others.
  • To enhance the commitment level in the student athlete by directing him or her to an acceptance of the goals of the team and an appreciation of the needs of his or her teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials.
  • To nurture unselfishness in the student athlete by requiring that his or her actions on and off the playing field be consistent with the goals of the team as a whole and not be directed towards individual honors.
  • To generate in the student athlete a willingness to sacrifice his or her time and energy towards the fulfillment of shared goals.
  • To further senses of personal discipline on the part of the student athlete by demanding abstention from activities that limit his or her athletic, academic, and personal potential

Fall Sports

Football, volleyball, cross country, and sideline cheerleading

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Spring Sports

Soccer, track, golf, tennis, and softball

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